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영문 축하인사말
작성자 원주한지문화제 등록일 2020.09.03
조회수 323 등록 IP 118.44.x.221
Hello everyone. I am Park Chan-soo, Wonju Hanji Cultural Festival Committee.
The festival does not stop even with Covid19, and the festival is held online for 24 days from September 3 to 26.

The Feeling of the festival will be different and unfamiliar, but more than ever, we have prepared hard so that you can feel the charm of the culture and the excellence of korean culture.

Wonju Hanji has been around for 1600 years. Wonju Hanji Cultural Festival with Citizens. When autumn begins, the festival comes to you. We ask for your interest and support. Thank you
현재글 영문 축하인사말
다음글 한지송
강원도 원주시 한지공원길 151(무실동)원주한지테마파크 (사)한지개발원   033-734-4739
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